Lake Forest
United States

Some people say to be blessed,

means there’s no room to be stressed.

In a way what they say is true,

but for what I am about to say is something that is way overdue.

I have a tattoo on my left wrist,

it was top on my list. 

It was not too much pain,

just another one to gain.

Forever inked it says blessed.

I must confess:

I’m not always happy,

I can get pretty sappy. 

When I’m sad, I cry and complain. 

I try to stay sane,

but, its hard at times. 

I’ll cross some lines,

lines, that I feel like I can’t cross back over.

I need to think sober. 

I take the time and stop.

I go to the hill and walk to the top.

I take a deep breath, 

I don’t need wealth for this site. 

I take the time and look at the beauty in front of me. 

The faces I’m blessed for the most I can see.

I become sane again.

 I will confess,

I am truly blessed. 



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