Blended Colors

I am from ranch signs

from China cabinets and antique chairs

I am from the roses in our front yard

(beautifu, elegant

it felt like Satin).

I am from the Esperanza flowers,

the leaves of Quakie trees

whose leaves rattle as if they were talking to one another

I am from Midnight Masses and long noses

from Mary Lea and Socorro.

From the ealy-risers

and the never-stoppers.

I am from One. Two. Or the shoe and

Live.Learn. And serve

I am from sit, stand, an kneel

Hand-holding in the Our Father

and giving peace tur neigbor.

I am from the mix of the melting pot

fresh tortillas and Rhubarb pie.

From the nose my father broke

to the hobbled cow.

The finger my grandfather forgot to move.

Inside a dusted bookcase was an old album

occupied by good memories and bad ones,

a mix of photos

to make one image

I am from a multitude of colors-

blended together to make on picture.

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