That bleeping man.

There's a lot of pop songs about love, and as a doctor? Yikes.
Your heart skipping a beat isn't love, it's cardiac arrhythmia

Shortness of breath? That's probably asthma, jesus.
Talking about throwing yourself on a grenade?! What is wrong with you!?

That's not love, love is when he drives you nuts. Not, "Mildly Aggravating"
Or startling you at the gas station when you looked away for a moment.

When he drives you full blown nuts, and in a way no-one else could in a million years.
He'll make you want to chew your own arm off to stop talking to this idiot,

and it doesn't even matter how many times you have a conversation like this,
You'll know'll you have it again.

Him: Is the heat on babe?
You: Yeah
Him: I'm still cold though...
You: I turned it on.
Him: Did you flip the switch? Cause you have to have it set to he-
You: Honey!  I know! How to turn on! A thermostat! I went to college for it and everything
Him: Well I don't feel it.
You: Because you broke it again!
Him: How did I break it?
You: You put the halogen lamp next to it again.
Him: What?! How does that break it.
You: There's a little coil inside that expands when the room heats up, and that's how it detects the temperature and compares it to the AC, the Lamp makes it expand past the point it's supposed to. If you keep putting the lamp there it's going to make the coil less sensitive to temperature, and eventually break it so I have to replace the thermostat.
Him: No way.
You: Trust me
Him: How do you know?!

And after an explosion of angry yelling about the lamp, the gift closet, and why can't I just fix things right. If you have that fight seven times, knowing full well there's going to be an eighth time

If after all that you'd still rather have that conversation than imagine a world without him in it, you're in love.

Especially if you do fix that thermostat... again... the next day, not just so he'll shut up about it, but because you really don't want him to be cold anymore.


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My family



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