Bleeding out (but for the sake of melodrama)

The placid pond inside my soul, (where color drifts and slowly rolls)

there is no shift, there is no goal (As past and future take their toll)

I kneel and gaze at my reflection ( To reminisce from a choice selection)

As sorrows dance across the pool (I realize I was a fool)

and pleasures play about the light (  it was day for me and for her, night)

I feel a break inside  (three swords whirling through the skies)

A spinning dancing warping sight (To blind myself I'm bound to lie)

The weight of coin bears on my brain ( the cost of light is the cause of pain)

My efforts tossed it seems in vain (yet once again I'll play this game)

If I gave up, I should well die (It is for other's sake I try)

I leave the pool feeling not the same ( so once again, begin the game!)  


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