Red, black, and blue
Wave your gats in the air! That’s our American flag. This is our America, Black America. When I was younger we grew up drawing body layouts with our side walk chalk, while other kids drew hopscotch and butterflies and the sun. And the sun strained my eyes as I looked up at the heavens, praying for a better tomorrow for My People. And under that same sun another black mother’s mourning her son. Another life’s gone. Gats bursting, bullets flying, homies dying. Another death that won’t make the news. We were raised in ignorance. We speak the same words to each other that the slave master’s used to put down our ancestors. Oppressed by poverty and the government’s system. Yeah the President is black, but things are still the same. Sometimes I wonder, is there any HOPE left for my people? I think back about Trayvon Martin, and in my opinion Lady Liberty and Mrs. Justice both need their glasses checked.. And even if they did they would look right past the ghettos. Red, black, and blue. That’s the color of our flag. That’s the color that the homie was as he laid up in his casket. If the police don’t do anything about the homies death, his homies will. His death won’t go unpunished; there’ll be another death next week. The cycle will continue.  BLACK AMERICA.


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