a blanket of doom

  • 'mother nature gives me life,
    raising me out of this wet soil.
    From just a root, my limbs grow -
    every detail painted with pure precision.

    I've stood strong for years and years,
    but in this synthetic atmosphere
    my limbs tremble and I try my level best to keep them strong -
    but as days go by, my leaves wither and fall.

    I crave a different taste -
    not these corrupted waters and these polluted airs.
    I crave a different taste -
    a taste of purity and virtue which happens to be a rare gift from my mother.

    you are all just intruders,
    thieves and barbarians -
    covering my world with a blanket of doom and despair.

    you destroy my family for your benefit believing we are infinite,
    but you stand corrected before mother nature's power -
    the power to comfort and calm, nurture and raise, 
    the power to build and destroy.'



This poem is about: 
Our world


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