A Blank Slate

I'm sure this day will never come

But God knows I'm never right

I'll find myself on a far off shore

Alone, with no help in sight.


Even so, I'll than my stars

That I had though ahead

And brought along the thing I need

So I don't have to dread.


Instead of playing guessing games

I'll help you solve this caper

I'm sure it's not what you think it is

Because it's just a piece of paper.


A plain white piece of paper

Just sitting there with you

It's so much more than a just a blank slate

A concept not so new.


Blank papers can become stories

Read time and time again

These tales become bestsellers

Treasured by most all men.


Blank papers become symphonies

With music sweet to the ear

That will serve as inspiration

To all that can hear.


Blank papers becomes treaties

That bring conflicts to an end

And creates peace throughout the world

Where the scars will start to mend.


So when you think a piece of paper

Isn't worth anything to you

Open your eyes and take a loo

At what these papers really do.


And on the island, I would sit

With the paper in hand

And write a rescue note on it

While I hope it will reach land.


Then I'll realize how stupid I was

With the stupidity of ten men

That along with that piece of paper

I should have brought a pen.



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