The Blank Figure I cannot be

Out of the millions who reside Earth

I am no different

Fairly tall enough to help when possible

Light chocolate skin that should not be judged

Common dark brown eyes that have had their share in sights to be seen

Short hair I did not chose to keep, but glad I do not conform to ideal pictures

Hard hands that occasionally have scars, stains, or some remnant, proof that Art was there

A heart that beats irregularly, yet does everything it can to make another heart smile

A mind full of stories that floodgate struggle to hold back

A personality that defies the conformed pictured ideals


I am not sorry for being tall

Or bearing short hair

Not even for being different with what you consider a girl is

I am me, the person you want might as well be blank

 I want to be the colorful person I can be rather than

The blank figure I cannot be

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