Blank Bullet

Fri, 02/17/2017 - 20:34 -- mkat323

I saw you last night, you filthy man. 

I saw you in your car, you picked me up like a stray dog, made sure I was safe and locked in before you drove away.

you pet my leg and told me you missed me.

I thought I missed you too.

I thought I missed the smell of your skin and the stubble on your cheek.

I thought I missed your ghostly figure and your slow words.

I thought I missed the way you demanded a quiet, submissive body.

the way you bit my neck.

the way you gave attention.


I saw you last night, you arrogant creature.

Full of distaste for my lifestyle.

Full of hatred for things I loved.

Full of doubt for my future. 

I relaized last night, in your back seat, my hands pressed against the cold glass, that all you were was lonley.

and cold.

and forceful.

I can still taste you on my tounge,

feel you crawling on my skin.

feel your teeth scrape my neck. 

I saw you last night, you nasty figure. 

You're the shadow of a stranger. 

You're the blank bullet in a child's gun.

You can't reach me here.

You're nothing to me. 


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