Blame us, Blame you


You don't have to say it. I can already see it in your eyes. There's a girl down the street and she keeps putting you down. With scars on his face and tears in his eyes this young boy kept walking. Everyday I saw him, and everyday i knew he had won this battel. Until one day he didnt walk by my porch. If it wasnt evident, the words that romed his mind was the poisson that convienced him to take his life. Now he is laying in a cofin with a knife in his chest.                                                                                          

If that isnt enough for you to stop and realize the infite amount of pain that has passed, take a seat because I only /just begun. 

Young girl, captian of he cheerleaders, and savior of many smiles. She fears going home because she knows what is a waiting her. She knows that like every night since her 13th birthday he will be there to victimize her. Not her father, but his drunken soul. 

Noone could reach out to her, she collapsed to deep into a hole. Shamed and petrified she only established one way out. Being saved was no longer an option, cross that. Being saved is always an option, up to the last second of someone's life. The only problem is that no one tries. 

A "Freak" walking through the halls feeling like a basketused to catch the words that have been screamed in his direction, causing a body completly covere by the scars that will hunt him from this day till he dies. 

So he goes home and cries, extands his arms over the sink and tries to let his demonds out. Blood dripping, eyes tearing, soul breaking, heart missing. What is there left for him to do? Looking in the mirror he sees nothing; Just the reflection of a stranger looking at him with dissapointment and distguest.

A miscomprahenssion causing confussion; when she was in grade 2 they claimed she was "UGLY", Because of the cloth her mother laid out. Today she's seen has a skank because she wears her stomach out, skirts exposing her tights, and lets guy take advantage because atleast then they day please and thank you and sometimes they even use the words.... B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. So can she for a couple minutes forget about the past. 

And can we blame them? We have dragged them to this conclussion. We keep them from being saved! We are the reasons they end up this way, We are the reason they can only find one way out. 

One girl, bullied about her adoptiong. She was a new branch added to a tree, and she knew she would never be truely happy until her branch was cut off. 

And no one will be to blame but us. 

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