Blackened Beginnings


United States
33° 43' 26.8752" N, 118° 15' 51.6852" W

It seems as though there is no end
Just continuous beginnings and outlasting inbetweens
Though we know the end must come, we stop and start again
Measure the distances from here to there
You can see the time passing
Minutes or inches no matter, the space is daunting
Wreck less in the journey, it takes time for us to become graceful once more
The never seems so black, but the light so dim
This is why we never end
Stopping will only make the black blacker and the dim light dimmer
No more sojourning, no more grace
It seems as though we are stuck
Like sticks in the mud, there is no hope
We must be rescued, saved
Help is the answer, but the black is so black it seems as though the light will never break through
We wonder how we got here, in our never ending middles and our reoccurring beginnings
The endings just never seem to make it
The agonizingly long days of being stuck in the blackness
Soon, there is no light
Too dim to see, and the black is overwhelmingly black
We wish we could begin again


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