Black Women

She's tired of being disrespected growing up with fear,
They treat her like nobody but she knows she's a girl.
Cried too many years but still stayed strong,
Maybe that's why you see pain in her eyes.
Always stayed herself and didn't care what others think,
She was labeled with names but she still smiled.
Hide the pain not wanting people to see her hurting,
Independent she get it on her own.
Tired of the lies but she don't want to let others see her cry for help,
Scared of the cold world.
She never talks about it but she wishes she was rich,
She wish she could have everything to keep her happy.
Took so many loses but came back as a winner,
Still holding on.
So much pain in her heart,
Feeling shattered like broken glass.
Don't have much guidance,
So she just do her own thing and prays for the better.
No one feels her pain or ever listens,
So she just goes into a distance.
Told herself keep her head up and stop trusting everybody.
She's just a black soul becoming a black woman.

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My community
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