Sun, 08/08/2021 - 07:46 -- Wired6

"Hi Jay,how are you?hey,have you seen thingy? Shit,can't member her name. I've known her 4 years an all She's real great at the Fandango. She dances with her partner Mary Ellen- it's funny that I member her name! I'd say they compliment each other,reminiscent of a black widow. I must admit though,Mary Ellen can act abit like a twat We were discussing the advantages of being a woman,versus a guy,and she clunge onto the notion that women don't know how to enjoy sex. She was saying that most women are frigid. I said that wasn't strictly true,and if it were,there was good reasons 4 many women feeling uncomfortable with sex. Mostly due 2 many bad sexual experiences. But on the whole,once we enjoy sex,there's no stopping us. Our Orgasims are out of this world. Those of us who enjoy sex,know and love their genitalia. Hands up 2 "Multiple." Anyways,Miss Know-it-all,wasn't having it. Instead,throughout our discussing( if you can call it that.)she kept harping on bout the negative side of female sexuality,instead of embracing the Vagina- U know,seeing how empowered women are once they accept and talk about their bodies and all their beautiful parts. ( No offense intended 2 y'all female and male readers,and of course you Jay), But feeling exasperated, I called her A Cunt, And Walked Away! (c) 6/07/2021. Wired6.


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