Black, White, and Native all over

Sun, 01/01/2017 - 07:31 -- johalic

I'm so sick and tired of these white lines and white liesPop a xany and everything'll be alrightfit into society, dark aint right So where do I fit?What do i miss?Having my braids and feathers without feeling shame I missThese priveledged people take, all they do is hateThemselves while projecting their fear they bake Fate and karma kills just don't mistakeYour ignorance or smarts, it's never too lateto realizethe culture you define by reppin' my culture by wearing feathers and leatherwithout realizing the soil your people tethered  I'm sick of the yell, I'm sick of the jail, I'm sick of living my life to only go to hell. What is god?Your god is white?Well so are you.Just being polite. -johalic


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