Black Valley chicks

We Automatically clicked.
Like alphabet magnets,
on the fridge.
Momma goat and her kids,

Yeah, it is.. what it is.

Bacardi rum in the trunk.
We riding round like we grown.
Playin mix tapes.. through the city,
Fuck the radio songs.

Your kiss is sweeter than molasses.
Chilling in Malibu..
in my heart shaped glasses,
baby I feel so cool.
Aux hooked to up the speaker.
Bumping Ether in the evening.
Summer time shine.

You planned this out when I was sleepin?
Got the wood,
Feelin good,

Rollin' up in the back..
In my friends dad cap.

Got my kush
zig zags and my snacks.

Zipped in my brown leather bag.

No scheming.
just dreamers,
Floating high up in the clouds
Battle rapping, glow stick twirling trilogy.
Follow me in my white jeep renegade,
in your white jeep liberty.

Got you lookin out now.

You might wonder we.. do it.
We just.. believe.. in our selves.

Artist, Fartsy, Vegan, Black, Valley girls
Born smack dab in some wealth.

We stay in school til we can't.
We live in luxury spots.
Starbucks gift cards
and heels tucked all in our trunks.
We don't ride waves,
Might even try it once.

Artisy fartsy vegan Valley black chicks
Throw yo hands up if u one.


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