Black suits


I stand in a crowd full of people and there is not one person who stands out to me

There's not one black dot on this white peice of paper, and why do you suppose that is?

You do the same as the next person creating a disgusting conformity.

With all black and white suits, combed back hair, and that red fancy tie, I pity your kids.

What are we an army of black and white with a helpless dot of color, no creativity.

I feel sorry for that dot, always being punished to be the only thing that stands out.

By looks of your lives your nothing more than part of a society fighting insanity.

You do the same thing every day over and over expecting somthing new to happen, but you still have doubt.

I beleive in a new world, one where people beleive in change and difference

Can you ditch the suit, and miserable tie and make a change that makes life better to live?

You wont change your tie, and you'll just buy a new black suit,insanity by chance?

So do a million man march in color, thats a sin i can forgive.


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