The Black Sand Beach

Tue, 05/14/2013 - 22:02 -- ckarimi

I arrive at a beach called Piha
Not a beach I have seen before
I see dark black volcanic sand
With royal blue minerals
As sun shines upon the beach
I can see the hidden silver sparkles

My toes feel so warm
Under the hot sand
Then my feet touch the Tasman Sea
Suddenly I feel hot and cold together
A beautiful combination
So very delightful

My mom and I write in the sand
With our toes
The sun shines on the letters
We take a picture
The beach breezes over us
Gorgeous is the perfect word to describe this setting

It is now time to leave
My mom and I wish to stay
The sight is more beautiful than a painting or picture could ever be
However it is still time to go
Despite our small stay
It is still time to go

I know that I will be back
Someday, some hour, sometime
When New Zealand won’t be so “New” anymore
When I will be different, but still the same
I look out into the sun shining on the water in the horizon
And I say, “Good-by beach until…”


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