Black Roses

Pitch black, dark brown, nappy hair- No excuse me- Natural hair, coconut oil,

melanin, these are my black roses. 

Who says the community defines me. Your great great grandmother and her mother 

and her mother. Just because I'm filled with more melanin doesn't mean I don't have 

feelings....these are my black roses. 

Who says I can't be pretty? Messy edges, No weave, no makeup. These are my 

black roses.

Our color is unusual in a pale society. Broad noses, lips, a midnight's skin. These our are

black roses. Some may call our males monsters and incompetent. Deep eyes, long dreads

Jumbo lips, a geniuses brain. These are our black roses.

Never let anyone define you for your color. Your beautiful dark or light color. Those

are your black roses. 




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