The Black Pill

All sad stories start the same

Kinda starts a while back

On a bench you could be asked

“How does it feel to be black?”

A slight awkward pause triggers a confused reaction

Injustice will later be in the transaction

Downloaded a few applications

Makes you wonder if you made the right decision

Signing their privacy away for a bitter taste of what they’re missing

Inadequacies trickle up their spines, yet they’re still addicted


Of my inadequacy,

The feeling of emptiness inside that says they don’t matter

Damn now that I think about it, maybe even their lives don’t matter

My therapist says my problem is a chemical imbalance

But I say it’s an injustice passed on through epigenetics

Gunshot, wound spot, the bloody ground’s hot

Blame the victim instead of the authoritative perpetrator

Shoot me and keep dancing and singing to my sad gloomy tune

The saying goes, they want their rhythm but not their blues


Please mistake my phone for a deadly weapon

Shoot me in front of my family as they start wailin’

Came from 7-11 a little bit earlier

Removed a weapon in the pocket of his derriere

I mean, he said my skin simply offends him

The jury said it was a rightful self defense mechanism

Let’s march and protest with no solution

Accused of hollering at your woman in the corner store

Horrible conclusion

Little did I know late at night, my house would be torn

I would be snatched away and kidnapped by two villains

Mutilated and tortured

Am I not human


Social media intended to make us all social

Nowadays teenagers don’t know how to be vocal

Increased sensitivity trickles down their peers’ spine

Out of fear being seen as loud and defiant

What the forefathers did decades and centuries ago

Where is the same energy now, where did it go

They sit and applaud and rest with complacency

Wishing for change that will arrive so blindly and faithfully


My daily dose of dopamine comes from the internet

An easily accessible drug

I give my thanks to the government

For the comparisons through likes, shares, and most importantly - the comments

And you ask me why this generation lacks a wholeness

They done fetishize and stereotype

The only time you look good is when you have a big behind and thighs

The only time she gets praised is when she posts during golden hour

I guess I’m only beautiful when I’m doused in light like a shower


Music ain’t like it used to be before

Full of industry plants who make it easily on billboards

Same face, hair, and same rap tune

Doesn’t move you like then during old school

Now kids are taught to be hypersexualized, mentally desensitized

Demonic entities have risen and  came to evangelize

Making billions off the backs of their inferiorities

Young ones in debt flex their supposed superiority

Sold my soul for a few more checks

I don’t feel glory, I’m rather lowly


I guess, you can take my resources too

You brainwashed me for centuries to have full trust in you

Are my resources the only part of me that is good for you

Exploit her children for them phones in the cobalt fields

Decades I bargained regretted deals

In the godly houses I never see the same face as mine

Angels in the sky will always be draped in white

Been free a little over a century

Riddle me this

Why I am I still in your shadow of captivity


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