Black on My Back

Mon, 01/27/2020 - 21:49 -- LoReesa


One word, one syllable

Powerful enough to start revolutions and revolts

Hear my ancestors 

Screaming, begging, crying not to remain invisible

Because together we are invincible

I vouch not for myself but for my people when I stand proudly and say there is

Black on my back

Yes, my blackness is my inspiration

For my roots lie deeper than the kinks on my head and the hair on my legs

I breathe the privilege they could not inhale

Yet never take for granted what could so easily be taken away from me

I am not a slave yet the slaves inspire me

I am my own and am proud to say there is

Black on my back

I cry tears in the face of injustice

Hold my head strong and not be afraid of who I am

I pose no threat to humanity 

Why can’t you see

I am as flesh and bone as you are

Yet you cut me down because I am not

As you are

My skin is black yet it is radiant

I may be dark but I shine

Cut me down all you want with vines and sharps

I bleed red as you are

Even though there is

Black on my back


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