Black Mural

You were like a painting I couldn’t finish
A mural in my mind, how I planned to love you
You were my canvas,
Each day you made me smile,
A streak of golden yellow I’d paint
Each day I woke up thinking of you,
I painted a deep crimson,
Rose for when you made me laugh
Lime green for when you made me feel like a little girl again
Amber for when you made me feel like a woman
And when you made me feel like flying,
Baby, I painted you an indigo sky

We were an abstract mix of colors that no one else could understand
I felt your pain; I loved your rain
Painted you sky blue seas we could watch together
When your clouds seemed too grey
With every stroke,
You became more beautiful with me
Pastel colors filled your interior, you were my light,
Thinning out the thickness of color in my dark shades,
Watering down the thickness of black in my dark days,
Love flowing like water from my paintbrush of a heart,
I painted us.


You let her paint you too
Eventually, all those mixing colors ran together
Light blue skies,
became dark violet storms,
And my crimson streaks,
began to rust as my water-like love
flowed on you untouched
d r i p p i n g
d o w n
m y
b r u s h
Golden yellow suns became a muddy brown,
Green grass of my childhood ripped up and burned
You were my canvas, before you became hers
A mural in my mind of how I planned to love you,
Empty walls, now slopped on with a black thickness
From all those mixing colors

You were the masterpiece I left unfinished,
The lost canvas my heart no longer burns to paint


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