Black Men by Candice Sewell

Thu, 08/29/2013 - 22:17 -- AkiraD.



I love me a black man on a Sunday morning.

When they are dressed in nothing less than their very best.

With their suits on and pastel colored shirts and ties.

Toting their bible in their right hand close to their hip and thigh area.


Their ain’t nothing like a black man on a Sunday morning.

But here’s a late I haven’t seen many of my brothers here my age in a suit, unless it’s a Saturday afternoon at a funeral, with his casket stretched wide open.

But you can’t see his wounds like Emmit Till’s.

Because this young brother didn’t die to open up the eyes of Americca.

He died because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Because he was mistakin for one of these wannabe hardcore ass gangstas who still live in the house with they mama and sleeping in the same bed since 1996.


My young black brothers I pray that you all open up your eyes and see that there is more to life than sex, money and weed.

‘Cuz this Lil Wayne got yawl all messed up in the head.

Thinking that the Dedication 4 is the bible and the guidebook on how to get rich fast.

When yawl need crack open the bible and read your father’s holy word.

Because, some of the guys that’s clamin to be ya guys won’t make it to be 25 before being incarcerated.

And brought up on charges over some shit that wasn’t even worth it.

And us black folks love to blame shit on the white man for alla our problems.

But, see the white man didn’t tell you to tote that gun young blood and neither did he tell you to stand out there on that corner and sell drugs.


And everyone is wonderin where the track is being laid they choppin and servin that shit 16 bars at a time.

The track is being laid in our heads when we got niggas that call themselves 2Chainz and we been outta salvery for damn near 400+ years.

And black men don’t realize this, but we’ve turned our business men into drug dealers our messengers into rappers who would rather tell us that these hoes be actin up and these niggas be letting them.

Mhmmmmm its some real shit bein said Amen.

See I don’t know if you realize it yet but see you are supposed to respect your women and love them as if they were your very own family.

And I’m not sayin that some of us sistas ain’t wrong. But do understand this that you are a man a brother, and a husband.

And you are God’s soldiers so protect your women and not exploit them and undress them with your lyrics.

Do not build up their hope and expectations knowing that the wave in you will destroy it.

Because I know some men sitting right here in the room that are talkin to 3 females at the same damn time and don’t see shit wrong with it.

But it is because real men realize that time is like virginity and you can’t get that shit back.

And, And when you waste a woman’s time she misses out on being with someone who potentially wants to give her the world.

So don’t allow her to be an option when she could be a priority,

I love to see a well educated black man dressed in a suit even when it is not a Sunday.


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