The Black Mask


Sometimes I wonder about this black mask wrapped around my skull like Hawthorne describes in the black veil I tried to hide my sin over the years but it reappeared like a dark spell Sick of the ignorance and regret of my life that I just don't feel too well Heavenly father please lay me down to sleep You said if I confessed myself I would no longer weep But the memories turn into nightmares and I could no longer sleep So much sin I can hardly breath Through my black mask (aggressive) To some people it brings memories of that bong flask Make you wanna skip class and its real stressing when the mask gets the last laugh It all changed when I saw my self in the mirror as a floating collage of unholy memories locked in..... tread by tread in a demonic chamber of the black cotton that tends to suffocate me with sin I picked up a rose one day and ironically got an intimate feeling when my blood trickled down the stem of the beautiful creation.... oozing from the thorn Did I try to stop. I could of sworn But let's listen to the message that was written for us while we were being born Black mask You'll live everyday trying to feed me When you sit at the church you'll try and leave me I try to lead you out of your consciousness but you never believe me (Chuckle). No matter what I say I will always deceive thee You tried to put the pieces together but never could read me The sin I plan for you is so conceiving I never took the time to notice that your heart started bleeding Path of Good or Bad. You will always proceed me But notice that you could never see me Because I'm in your mind surrounded by a membrane of guilt. In your State of Mind Love or Hate, The Black Mask


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