The Black Man Platform

From cotton fields 

To bloody spills.

From metal chains

To metal clangs.

We still can’t escape 



Started out with 

“My color,

Is better than yours.”

To shoving us on boats,

As if we are goats.

Forcing us to do yours,

Till we croak.


Taking away our quotes,

Minimizing our votes,

Seizing us with no notes.

Flashing them lights

With all those lies.

Putting bullets in 

Our brown.

Wanting to see us frown.

But truth is,

They're the ones that should 

Be down.


They say 

Black man equals 


But they brought guns

To our Mother Land. 

As if we’re going to be fans.

First impression, 

Needed redirection. 

Give out love,

Not go and shove.


Removing our skin,

So we can “better” blend.

Stripping away our children.

Just to see us undone,

Can we not just be one?


If that didn’t work,

They still the jerk.

Thought we would cower 

Like we ain’t got power.


Listen, color doesn’t

Make you human.

It’s a soul-seeking



This poem is about: 
Our world


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