Black Looks Blue

Thu, 04/13/2017 - 22:57 -- lonnaeh

Black is blue.Blue black.Black blue.A hue,No one can see but me and you.I Don't know why it's blue, Just is Blue.  Black is a blue hue. What is black? Who are you to ask.   Black is what I am.Beauty in it's purest form, seen as ugly.Either as dark as the night sky.As dark as my morning coffee,Or as light as it can be.Black is the color of ink, dipped in pages of the past, Etched and pierced into my skin causing bleeding blue black blood to spill. Black is black. Black is a blue color,Just the way things is. What is blue? You?  This blue hue...Well…I think Blue is…. seeing your mother cry for the first time. The open sky. Blue is tears falling from your eye. Blue is somber. Blue is the color of ink. Etched in remnants and kills,That spills pavements spilled with blue black blood.  Blue is,a colorSame as black.  I am Blue Black. This hue percived to be dark, ignored and not carefully dipped in black bluebut rather red. You know, in dark moonlight black looks blue?

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My community
Our world
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