Wed, 03/06/2019 - 22:07 -- Nafesah

IM ANGRY. And yeah I have a right to be. Cause ain’t nobody fighting hard enough for our equality. It’s like every time I look up, yet another sister or brother dead in the streets. Black lives matter! Yeah, I said it. I dare one of you niggas to say all lives matter, I bet you‘ll regret it. Because if all lives mattered then black lives matter‘s wouldn’t exist. When you see a cop, “Don’t move, don’t breathe, and don’t you resist!” OK but what about Tamir Rice, Fred Hampton, Alton Sterling, Eric Garner, Yvette Smith, Rekia Boyd. Seven year old Aiyana Stanley-Jones was killed in the comfort of her own home. Do you know the definition of unjust? It’s this society. They don’t make the minorities a priority and ignore everything that gives them anxiety. In this society, theres no variety, It’s like piety only without being religious. Ya’ll are devoted to not seeing us shine. And I still cant grope the concept of  policemen-ship. Are ya here to serve and protect or hurt and neglect cause I cant tell. I know you guys remember what happened to Sean Bell on his wedding day. Cops was stationed and thought he had a fight

Must’ve got the call saying “Gun!” And shot him out of sight

He ain’t even spend time with his wife

3 black men shot a total of 50 times, 1 lays without a life. 

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Our world


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