Black History Month

Ok can everybody please, Ponder into deep thought,

and ask yourself why is the reputation of the African American Race been ajared?

what did our ancestors fight for civil rights for?

For Blacks, Mexicans, Asians, and other minorities to join hands, equally poor?

modern day society is a constant pain like a footsore

and what we gone do when them welfare checks dont come no more?

Like an AC, all you do is vent. 

Complain bout the goverment

when you didnt even vote 

so yo opinion is exempt

job opportunities isnt consistant, less checks, more pink slips

so come join the 99%

and be militant like huey p

strapped and topped with a barret

ayyye.. FBI say hi 

to the panther clique again

hatin on a brothers views, so they label us communist,

raidin houses and we bounce back the next day,

so isnt it obvious, that cryin stomachs cant stop my passion,

im drivin on my passion

till im crashin.

so atleast im goin out wit my foot on the gas man,


and all the knowledge you gain you from media and main stream,

 throw it in the trash can,


cuz its designed as a destraction, to detract you from whats really happenin

you ask why, all you need to know is that jesus wept,

and how the government gone shut done to fix the budget, but now there deeper in debt

it aint no fixin to society now, jus gone git whats commin to you now 

and how would the government feel if the people shut down?

this means no more voting on election day,

cuz it aint my fault if yall cant manage yall mon-aye


as you all get caught up in media and mainstream, theyll propbably be rewritting the constitution

and if they is,

be prepared for the second revolution.




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