Black Excellence

Black excellence a topic commonly talked about in the 21st century

 very outspoken but what does it mean literally

 because it's more than a hashtag we see on Instagram

 or an article we read online

 I see we need an explanation 

and all I’ve got is time

we have yet to realize the true meaning of black excellence

 so we run into the world while we are all still directionless

 black excellence starts with you as an individual

in a community where people see you in the wind

 when you step up to be the person you've always been

 not the person who follows but the one who sets trends

 black excellence is a mindset backed up by an action

 showing society that you are capable of what they believe blacks are lacking

 coming from nothing to something where you rise up and prosper 

Ella Fitzgerald believed it isn't where you've come from

it's where you're going that counts

 so black excellence is making sure we make a difference

 we spent time trying to find ourselves but lose what we begin with

So  we all have to remember to always know our worth

 because being you will get further on this earth

 and if I were to believe fakeness was the key

 I wouldn’t understand what black excellence means

 because it’s more than standing up in the community

or realizing what is wrong

it’s being the true you and realizing that you belong 

yea was all different and that’s what makes us unique

 because if we were, all the same, we would never feel complete

 being different isn't bad and it surely isn't wrong

 Because everyone is different and that’s what makes us strong 

we as a black community always blame it on the racists 

but when the masks are off its black on black faces 

and black on black crime that’s putting us behind

and giving us the mask  they want us to wear 

 so black excellence this one last time

 we will make a difference and let our light shine 

 it’s not what we've done but what we do that makes us great

 no matter where you come from it is never too late

 so stand up in your community and raise up your fists

 cause black power is winning

 and it don’t get no better than this.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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