Black: Do You Even Know?

Black is a color but it's not me,

its just a title they put on the crayola crayon next to the gray.

But its gone far more than anything before,

never has this been a subject to explore.

You see, black is more than a color, its more than a shade,

its more of an acronym, one that the society made.

I'll explain it very simply and to the point. Blacks are:

Burdens that have tainted the purity of the nation

lacking in education and socioeconomic status

allowing issues to consume themselves based on circumstances

coupled with the inferiority complex and diminishing any focus of self - value

killing any inspiration or opportunity for achieving higher than the standardardized athlete.

Did I get that right? Or is that just a radical statement?

Think of it as it is but don't ignore the truths,

that in this land of the free and the brave, this word amongst others are of misuse,

for what light can you see in a sea of darkness,

is their any power in it that you can actually harness,

to power through all the standards set before you,

as a black man. 

Can you bypass it all? Can you make history? Is it possible?

In my eyes, it's already been done,

for I given all that I have to the highest of highs, The Son,

whom done me the greatest service that could ever come from Christ,

coming and becoming my own sacrifice.

I've seen the light and it dwells within me,

for there's no need to search for power is in He.

I am black and I am proud to say that I've turned all "I don'ts," into "I do's".

No need to faint for I am the one to look for,

because I am the one who opens my own door.


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