Black Coffee, no Cream


Black Coffee, no cream.

Blending of a dream

Blackness with a gleam

A smile with a beam

A day turned supreme

With Black Coffee, no cream.


Black Coffee, not lean.

Yet pure and pristine

A bitter, black bean

That’s full of caffeine

O’ bittersweet sheen

Of Black Coffee, not lean.


Black coffee, unsweet.

A delicate treat

A taste that’s so neat

And better with heat

Life’s greatest retreat

Is Black Coffee, unsweet.


Black coffee; bitter.

A meek, mild titter

A shuffling chitter

A fruity fritter

With shiv’ring jitter

See such glitter

From Black Coffee; bitter.


Black coffee, no cream.

Sets the mind downstream

and full of esteem

with Stress to redeem

None can beat a dream

Of Black coffee, no cream.


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