Black Cat

Dark and silky,

clean and shiny.

There lies, akin to the devils,

those bewitching pupils.


Slowly advancing, four majestic paws.

Inside, lies all the fatal claws.

Like all beasts of prey,

patience comes to play.


To signal its arrival,

the beast lets out a growl,

then some grumbles.

Alas! It tumbles.


When it feels my heart pounding,

the gentle cat comes rubbing

With its empathy calming

         down my stress and misgiving .


But when the sun shines on me,

the cat is also filled with glee.

Sitting there grooming his hair,

Glancing at me happily from his chair.


Whenever I study,

the cat stares at me,

wagging his tail as a warning

to all who ignore the meowing.


He sometimes leaps high from a shelf,

onto my desk, looking pensive himself .

Seemingly undeniable is the right of education

for all animals as a temptation.


When all services are null,

the cat feels so dull.

He sleeps without a friend,

for hours on end.


Thorless, the cat that feels,

Everytime, with no secret deals.

The perfect combination.

Of Felis Catus and Homo Sapien.



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