Black Beauty

Sun rises up

Sun shines on my face

I open my eyes, stretch to Heaven and I sense God's smile upon me.

Looked at myself in the mirror, what do I see?

Big curly hair, soft and caramel skin, full lips, and a profile just like Queen Nefertiti

The curve of my hips, the fullness of my breasts, and the velvet like skin I have

What's inside is even more elegant

My blackness has seen hurt, anger, humiliation.

My soul has felt disappointment, heart ache, abuse.

My almond eyes have witnessed the insecurities,

judgement, and pressure that was placed onto me.

But when I wake up and God's smile is shining on my caramel skin,

I have strength to get through the day.

My strength on the inside shows on the outside and I know that I am perfectly me

I am fearfully and wonderfuly made

Delight in my almond eyes

Beauty in my profile like the great Nefertiti

The softness and lovlienss of my blackness unfolds

Flaws become unseen and elegance steps forth

I woke up like this

I woke up like this

I am flawless







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