Black August visitor

Black august visitor

The thesaurus friend from the doom.
A friend that visits with a gift of loom.
A friend who silences the world with mystery.
A friend who forsake the coexisting peace of a man.

Black August visitor, the gentle man of the road,
A man who punishes all the races with no differences.
The world is in shock since your arrival
Our peace and joy is being deprived

Our sigh is heard all over the land
Our lives are no longer grand
Doctors have all come around as they are saviours of the land
To rescue people from underground

I feel pain when many souls wasted and moved into heaven
The world went crazy with fearing and crying
We can't move, cough or sneeze freely because of the battle
The World economy is in dangle
People got scared of their death
Only God can decide our fate
People turn praying like tomorrow is borrowed
I hope every prayer sits destined and soak up the sorrow

Black August visitor the thesaurus friend
Your heart is all hate without any love
sooner or later you will be in your grave
The Doctors and nurses will fight to your death,because its all in their genes
And the world will rise again to it feets!!!!!!

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Our world
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