Black And White Make Gray


Alabaster, Immaculate

Achromatic, Ashen, Silver

Pure white symbols innocence



Atramental, Charcoal, Jet

Clouded, Raven, Pitch, Onyx

Sable, Slate, Sloe, Obsidian

Darkness symbols harsh intentions



Every human being has

A balance of each adjective

A soul of Alabaster with

Some Atramental places



I love you because I know

Because I love you do I know

That you’re not perfect, you have flaws

A kind of tainted innocence



Acceptance, I will reassure

Problems, calmly fix them first

Reasons, Reasoning, Respecting

Cinerescent souls connecting



No excuse to cause you pain

Consent in even basic things

My best friend in everything

Help us both grow more each day



There will be some arguments

(Here appear those Onyx moments)

But we'll work hard to push straight through

(On our Silver base, the gorgeous hue)



Dusky, Faded, Haze, Fog, Dim

Smoky, Mousy, Dove, Leaden

Ashy, Drab, and Shaded Stone

A gray-ish world, a healthy home


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