Black and White

Do you think me loud?
Do you think me brash?
Do you think I’m ignorant
With no class?

The things I have witnessed
Breaks my heart
No one tries to really see
What we are about.

We call ourselves strong
Because we are!
We call ourselves proud
Because we are!

We raise the black men
You want so much
Is it really a good thing
To get rid of us?

I cry out to the sky
The heavens above
I need an answer
Before I do damage to someone

God please help me
To give them an answer
One that is taken
In good stature

I have no problem
None at all
With races marrying one another
For I want the same of myself

But when you try to claim
That I am loud and brash
Think we are the ones
Who raised the black men
The ones you claim are better without us

So please take all of this
Into consideration
We are the mothers, daughters,
Sisters and aunts
The same that raised you
But with a twist no doubt

We may look different
But really we are the same
Because I bet you have your own
Loud, brash and ignorant days.


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