Black and White

Thu, 02/11/2016 - 14:31 -- A-7

I was at my very lowest when I began to assimilate,

That I had become what I most despise and hate,

Better never than late, no wait, better late than never,

You rescued me, from all my heartless endeavors,

It was then that you taught me this conception of love,

A concept often misconceived, I was someone I wasn't proud of,

But you directed me to the light, set me on a whole different course,

My plans rearranged, my mind and heart changed, a powerful force,

That saved me from myself, before I fell into a dark abyss,

Tell me, what love can possibly be greater than this?

You changed my whole perspective, a whole different view,

Showed me mercy and grace, things that I never knew,

God, you saved me when I had lost all hope and began to fall,

I'm now a product of grace. I guess the world isn't black and white after all...


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