So you think just because I'm black I listen to Lil Wayne and Chief Keef?

You believe because I'm black I don't know my father and use food stamps?

You believe because I'm black I smoke weed every day, sell drugs, and sag my pants?

You think just because I'm black that I have a warrant out for my arrest?

You tease the size of our lips, but yet you are the first ones to go get Lip Augmentation.

You frown on Nicki Minaj twerking but to you Miley Cyrus is a twerking God.

You think that we are obsessed with chicken and are in love with watermelon.

You think our hair is greasy and our hoop earrings are the size our heads.

You recruit your children to believe that black is ugly and white is beautiful.

Well guess what, honey?

Black lives matter too.

We have fought, we have written speeches that will forever go down in history.

We have taken beatings and given some.

We have marched with only one objective in mind... Equality.

Being black is not a burden, it is not a curse and it is not something to be made sport of.

Simply because you are black it does not imply that you destined to subsist off of welfare,

Simply because you are black it does not imply that you induce to become some other statistic.

You are better than drugs,

You are better the unemployment,

You are more honorable than all those numbers.

And you are better than all those racial slurs.

You are more honest than the whispers...

They may shoot you with their words,

They may cut you with their eyes,

They may kill you with their hatefulness,

But still, like air, you'll rise.

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