B is for beautiful

L is for Loveable

A is for Acceptable

C is for Courageous

K is for Knowable


 B is for beautiful

For being bold

To be boisterous when needed

And when to be heard by the world

For being blessed of our existence

Embracing the different shades

Of skin God put us in

We are all human

That bleeds the same


L is for Loveable

For having people who can lead

Strong individuals that show loyalty

That understands their dignity

That carries integrity


A is for acceptable

Feeling like one of a kind

To feel important

To not feel judged of our differences

& fearing death just because the color of our skin


C is for courageous

Not in color but in black and white

Through dark times

People from our past with their candidness

Through all the blood

The scars

The tears

Fighting for what we’re able to have today


K is for knowable

The relevance of our history

Being knowledgeable about what we’ve learned

The many names that’ll forever be dominant

The gratefulness of their bravery and dedication

Never will seem enough



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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