Black Is....

Black is beautiful

Black is strong 

Black is something that you just can't do wrong

Black is pyramids and mathematics 

Melanin and Black Girl Magic

Black advances, Black enhances, and Black is full of taking chances

Black is historic

Black is full of secrets that have yet to be unfold

Black is full of stories that never been told

Black is mysterious and I wear it as an armor

I represent black like my great granddaddy and my great great great grandmama

Black is a challenge

Black is not second best

Black is as amazing as the sun rising in the East and setting in the West

Black is song

Black is sweet

Black is Sunday dinner after church and Grandma fixes us something good to eat

Black is remembering who we are

Black is cherishing what we are and never forgetting where we came form

Black is us

Black is we

Black is you

But most importantly...

Black is Me

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Our world
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