misinterpreted by social context and ignorance overlooked and shunned

its brilliance is all too commonly mistaken for hate feared by those who are weak

but if you could just open your eyes and truly see

how beautiful  BLACK can be

society, instead has chosen to discredit

not because its research validates some dangerous impact

but because those who cowardly sit on high horsed

see how its potential can overthrow their plot

trust and believe they shiver, as they contemplate in the dark

how to distract and deceive us from seeing

how powerful  BLACK can be

no one wants it, seen as a flaw those who possess it and display it

have been faced with unjust laws tell me when did color become a criminal act

 judged, and sentenced with time

how and when did the amount of melanin I have justify

being treated with or without respect how are you

able to translate that I should not succeed because of

my ethnic or cultural background, my apologies

i guess I did not know race was a marker for how we behave

knowledge is power this is my truth you have no right to judge

what my BLACK can be

why does it need to possess a negative value hidden histories unspoken truths

unknown potential

KING & QUEENS it unveils an authority like no other

It changes the atmosphere with its presence

do you UNDERSTAND how

exceptionally influencing BLACK can be


i decree BLACK is me

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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