There are these thoughts that enter the realm of my mind
It’s a dark place, my mind.
But somehow it is always en-lightened
by the most sorrowful notion.
Ironic, but it justifies the act of pity attached to every vertebrae
that allows me to feel remorse.
But I have none left,
And I feel nothing for you.
My heart is bitter due to the poisonous words that yet unfold from your mouth,
but it is replenished with the idea of you on your hands and knees
practically begging for my love, for my everything.
You miss it all, don’t you? You pitiful coward.
And yet, I still await that emotionless apology to enter my auditory canal
so I can walk away alone, treading on the path we used to walk together.
Without a care in the world, just swaying the evil from left to right
simultaneously with my hips. “Goodbye”, I’ll say. “I wish you well”.
And I’ll give you a slight grin,
that way you’ll remember you put a smile on my face one last time.


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