Bitterly Swore

In the morning he bitterly swore

Sunlight on his mahogany drawers

How much he hated school

Because the teachers didn’t care


In the afternoon he bitterly swore

Studying the Newton’s Laws

How much he hated studying

He tried so hard yet never understood


In the evening he bitterly swore

The pain of the day still raw

How much he hated himself

Because he was ‘bloody useless’.


At midnight he bitterly swore

Footprints traced into the shore

How much he hated the world

Because the teachers didn’t understand him


What it’s like to live with the teachers not caring

What it’s like to try so hard and never understand the work

What it’s like to be ‘bloody useless’ at only fifteen

What it’s like to be a lonely kid on the beach at midnight


What it’s like to be insignificant

What it’s like to be ignored

What it’s like to be not cared about

What it’s like to be nothing


What it’s like to have ‘no future’

And have to go to school anyway.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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