A Bitter Return

Emaciated memories assault my tired mind.

The restlessness that I endure takes hold and keeps me blind.

I am not sure if I exist within an empty void.

The only thing I say for sure is that I am annoyed.


The good old day weren’t all that fine although I’d like to think.

The push and pull of times of old has drawn me to the brink.

I long for peace within the change that doesn’t seem to stop.

In the deserts of the sands of time, you were the only water drop.


Although the past is dead and gone, it lives and breathes through long past songs.

We sang and laughed as if we loved, but now you’re gone, and it’s been shoved:

Replaced by awkward bitter tears and submission to crippling fears,

They say that it shall help us grow but it is seemingly opposite- oh these damnable years.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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