A Bit of Tick


There are a few things,

That always seem to drive me nuts

And in case you were wondering

It includes hating your guts!

Starting from your head

Down all the way to your toes

You're that ONE thing

So here's how it goes..

I hate how you smile

I hate how you care

I hate your self-absorbed "wind in my hair"

I hate your thoughts,

I wouldn't spare a penny or two

Just to be in your presence,

Now that's something I won't do.

I hate how you talk,

and the pitch of your voice goes higher.

Hold on a second,

Now your hair is on fire.

I warned you once, even twice

At least now you don't have lice.

So if you were wondering,

What truly makes me tick.

I would point at you,

With my big ol' stick.


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