Birthday Countdown

30 days until my birthday

its hard not to laugh and cheer

and the only reason why is

because my birthday is almost here!


ive waited 335 days

for this time to come around

i believe its 364 days too long

ive paced a trench into the ground


granted being 17 you are stuck in the middle

its not your sweet 16 or big 18

its what ive got now

and wouldnt want to move between


20 days until my birthday

its flying closer still

now its 345 days

move faster if you will


10 days until my birthday

i can hardly stand the wait

to earn all those presents

on that special date


now its a week, 7 days to be exact

i can't wait for my presents

cant wait for the day i am queen

and all my friends are the peasents


6 days left now

the anticipation is a killer

now what would be a better gift 

than 40k for a liver


3 days left a special dinner awaits

with world food and fine meat

oh who wouldnt want to celebrate

if they had this fine feat


tomorrow is my brithdat

i can hardly hold my breath

but ill be counting down the days

even pass my death

This poem is about: 
My family


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