Birth of a Dreamer


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Vivid lights beam down from a ceiling housing thousands of cheering fans.

Cheekbones corrupted with smiles give way, some hidden by active hands.

A beating heart within, so eager to emerge from the cage that condemns it so

Familiar faces from behind the curtains, bring warmth to fears below

Being an entertainer is more than just the glitz, the glam, and the havoc in the crowd

It’s about the dreamer who laid a wake at night, writing songs beneath the clouds.

A thirst, a hunger, like the grazing sun so bold, blistering bright

Cause this dream he’s had since just a boy, is a job that could change his life.

Others laughed, and teased, cause Starbucks was no place for a performer

But he knew with brains, and a crystal plan, that it was just around the corner.

Some get so caught up in a world that snips the strings from their life’s guitar

That they forget to dream, and live a little, and end up losing who they are.

So he went off to study business marketing, interned with a local label

Then dreamed of owning his own one-day, to help aspiring artist who weren’t able

To break the generational chains of poverty, to give back to the place that made him

To empower the lives of youth, educate them on the places life could take them.

Art is a breathing living organism, and he dreamed of nothing more but letting it blossom

To be an example to the world, that if you work hard, commit and dream, your life shall too be awesome.

He continues to work towards his business, networking with music professionals along the way

To manage, educate and help the young talent out there, to make tomorrow available today.

Even behind the curtains of change, he still works to entertain

Because life’s all about looking in the mirror, smiling, and loving that person you became

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