From the Bird's Perch

Not knowing where it's all going

Is there some secret to life, if so, show me

Are love and money and power the secrets of the universe?

Or is it as simple as the bird in its perch


Not knowing

Where it's going

But still growing growing growing

In its own time


Not knowing what he meant

Is there some secret to understanding, did I blow it?

Is overbearing caring the secret of friendship

Or is it as simple as the birds in their nest



Practically everything

And together growing growing growing

In their own time


Not knowing where love comes from

Is there some secret to it, if so I could use some

Is giving up everything you could ever want love?

Or is it as simple as looking high up above?


To follow your dreams

Soaring on a bird's wings

And your still growing growing growing, In your own time


In your own time


When the time comes

To leave your nest

Not knowing if you can fly

But bird you better do your best

This is your chance

Your done with rest

And this is where you're going

This poem is about: 
Our world


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