Birds of a Feather

Sat, 05/25/2013 - 14:57 -- 14uya


United States
43° 3' 11.8188" N, 88° 9' 30.2868" W

I am ready now,
I don’t want to wait,
I will not allow
The path to be straight,

Because the hills and valleys make me,
Wind in my face as I look down,
Flying high and free,
My lips crease to a frown,

For I know it will be hard,
At the lengths I need to go,
And I may be scarred,
So although,

My wings will falter,
And I may fall hard and fast,
I will bow at no altar,
For I will outlast

These struggles that hound me,
So watch as I raise my eyes to the sky once more,
As I scream for I have been set free
To climb again and roar.

You all will hear the cries of victory,
You shall see my fly by,
And know my history,
And you shall reply,

By spreading your own wings,
Tall, strong, and proud
Lifted as if by springs,
For with this you are unbowed

The path will not be easy for you,
but we shall all travel our lives together,
for it is easier with two,
for we are birds of a feather.

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