The Bird's Eyes Are In Its Smile


Restless and weary I make my way.

Only to sit for hours on end hearing the same nothings

every day.


Outside the window the trees frolic.

There are birds giggling but their smiles are



Masking their real thoughts,

Sounds like me, i think,

a lot.


Crack, the ruler hits the desk.

Pay attention to the important nothings for tomorrows



How can I listen 

Over the collaboration of voices screaming in my head



A remembrance of words that elapsed from my classmate’s mouths,

Circle my head like vultures go



Ugly screams louder than "Simile."

Stupid overpowers 



Yet, stupid and ugly are not words.

They are daggers people use against me, each taking a



With thoughts like these, who needs friends?

On with the lesson, but just let me hear the bird's giggle



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