A Bird With Wings


Fly little bird, fly. Off to school, work, and cheer; When
do you plan to land back here?

Wings so frail, body so small, how do you manage to do
it all?
So many goals, dreams, and wishes: can it be done, all
of those commitments?

Yes, says the little bird, it just takes fortitude and a
positive attitude.
Come closer and listen in; while I tell you the secret of my

Small I may be the little bird said, but I stand on the wings
of eagles, now dead.
Although long gone, their words linger on and I recall what I
learned, above it all.

Don’t speak of my weakness, don’t think of my faults, for when
I’m among you, I surely do not.
No matter the size, no matter the color, I know I have to
work harder than others;

For to the weak go not the prize; nor to the slow do the
riches flow;
I may be frail but my mind is sharp and it’s my brain that
will get me to the top.

So, I fly high from the strength within, as long as I
stand on eagles’ wings.


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